Special Education Services

Special Education Services

Workshops on Early Childhood

Early Childhood

Module 1: Background and Research Base-3 hours

Research claims that evidence-based strategies are highly effective for our young learners in early childhood education. Our team will work with schools to demonstrate how to implement interventions for young children and work to increase their independence and motivation for learning as they enter school age services. We will show how providing structure and visual support enhances predictability and ease as a young child transition from one activity/setting to another.

We will work with schools to show how parent and family involvement is critical in the early stages of learning. We will demonstrate how children thrive the more consistent the caregivers in their life intervene with positive language and response to behavior.

Module 2: Training and Coaching: Strategies for Success-3 hours

We will help schools expand their abilities to provide accommodations and emphasize how this is imperative for our children that need additional support to access their learning goals. Being able to train parents, caregivers, and educators on evidence-based strategies encourages collaboration and consistency among all environments a child may interact with.

We will show how providing training and coaching to our families that are raising children in the early childhood venue helps set up the family system and child for success prior to entering their Kindergarten year.

Module 3: Collaboration with Families and Community Partners-3 hours

We will show how working with families and working alongside other providers will be helpful in seeking guidance on strategies that can be implemented in the home environment. The training will demonstrate how learning a process will be an effective model for a family on how implementing an intervention in the home proves to be supportive and a positive experience for all involved.

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