Special Education Services

Special Education Services

Workshops on ASD

Module 1-3 hours
Autism 101-Introduction

-What is Autism?
-Characteristics of Autism
-What to do when diagnosed?
-Early Childhood support

Module 2A-3hours
Supports and strategies

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Autism
-function of behavior
-reinforcement, punishment, extinction
-antecedent strategies
-consequent strategies

Module 2B-3hours

-generalization of behavior
-inclusive practices
-self management and coping skills
-task analysis, chaining, and shaping

Module 3-3hours
Autism and School

-General Education Expectations
-Collaboration with outside providers and school personnel
-Program Modification

Module 4-3hours
Insurance and ABA Treatment

-Eligibility and Benefits
-Multidisciplinary Team
-Billing Code and What they mean for my child and family?
-Treatment Plans
-Parent Training

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