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Special Education Services

Workshops on Parent Support

Parent Support

Module 1-Parent Education/ Parent University – Strategies that Work-3 hours

With the information on the internet, many parents are turning to internet to gain information to support the learning of their children. However, there is information that is not accurate and can set up an adversarial relationship if not handled correctly. One of the most important steps a school system can take is to work to develop positive relationships with parents.

Parent involvement continues to be a major challenge in most school systems. This professional development activity is aimed at increasing parental participation in your system. It will also look at developing positive communication networks with parents. The people who may find these ideas helpful and should attend are principals, building leaders, teachers, parent advisory committee members, ancillary staff member. This half-day session ending will explore some of the key components of a successful parent training activity including:
  • 1.) What are the major issues parents are facing in your community?
  • 2.) How to identify potential issues within your school/staff.
  • 3.) What is a Parent University and how it could support positive relationships.
  • 4.) Where and when to you hold the training session,
  • 5.) How much content to include and how many sessions should have?
  • 6.) What time of the day should you schedule your activity?
  • 5.) Identify staff members to attend.
  • 6.) Should you hire a presenter?
  • 7.) Should you provide childcare or baby-sitter?
The workshop will share examples of parent training activities that went very well and why they did, and we will explore some of the pitfalls associated parent training.

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